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Instructions Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule The lender uses this form to obtain the market rent for a conventional single-family investment property from the appraiser. Copies Original, plus
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Instructions and Help about schedule e form rental
welcome back to our channel Claire Valley Tech's my name is Brian Kim I'm a certified public accountants and in today's video we will be discussing the Schedule E for rental properties so the rental properties they'll have their income they'll have their expenses all this is reported on the Schedule E on your 1040 your individual income tax return and we're gonna break down in this video line by line everything you need to know and that's applicable to you so let's take a look so this is the Schedule E for rental properties this is where your rental income you're into expenses and ultimately your rental profit or your rental loss is reported on your individual income tax return keep in mind this is the format for 2018 we're not expecting any changes for 2019 if there are changes in the format for 2019 we will be updating this video however the more important thing is just knowing where to classify and categorize your expenses which is ultimately the point of this video so let's begin so here of course the name is fake John Doe in this example the social security numbers listed here this should automatically flow from whatever software are you using so here it's asking you if a 1099 was filed for any other rental activity in reference to the rental expenses we have a video about when you need to issue a 1099-misc form to a contractor so in most cases your answer will most likely be no however if you do want to see that video please check it out so the address of the rental property will be listed here of course this is a fake address here they're asking for what type of property is it so here you can see the types of property you can just use it from your drag-and-drop tool from whatever software you're using in this scenario in this example it's gonna be a single-family residence there will be very varying differences for your selection such as depreciation if you pick something such as you know commercial but anyways we're sticking with the single-family residence because that's probably the most prevalent out there okay moving on this is just asking how many days was it a rental in this tax year so for 2018 in this example we're seeing every day of the year so for the full year was a rental property with zero days of personal usage okay because if it was personal usage then you would have to rate it correct expenses so here we're making it a clean easy example or seeing it for the full year it was a rental property therefore we don't have to prorate any expenses let's move on okay this is where the meat of it is so here is where you're going to be listing your rental income so for the year of course all this is on an annual basis so rents received is going to be 24000 in this example are very easy keep in mind that okay rental deposits that you collect is not rental income because there's an intention of you giving it back so this is just rental income...